The Lazy Marketer’s Dilemma: How to Effectively Market in a Changing Privacy Landscape

The Lazy Marketer’s Dilemma: How to Effectively Market in a Changing Privacy Landscape

A recent article by Forbes explores the topic of marketing techniques in regards to increasing government measures to enhance consumer privacy. The question has become, how do marketers get their message across effectively when it is becoming harder and harder to reach prospective leads?
  • Regulations like the GDPR are enforcing tougher measures on marketers so that people have greater control over their privacy and the messages they receive.
  • Marketers can no longer rely on cheap mass marketing attempts such as mass haphazard email dumping in the hopes their messages get seen – this is also lazy and inefficient marketing.
  • Forbes highlights an epidemic lazy marketers in the US have created – many Americans spend extended periods of time, multiple times a day deleting unwanted marketing messages.
  • In some cases, these emails are from companies consumers have expressed little to no interest in.
  • Tactics such as this have caused many Americans to downright ignore marketing messages via email which causes email marketing to be less effective for all marketers in general.


So, what does this mean for marketers?
  • You can no longer rely on lazy tactics – it’s important for marketers to review their targeting practices and optimize them with these emerging privacy laws in mind.
  • Utilize your connections and networks to find qualified leads.
  • The bottom line is that many marketers need to get back to basics and into the habit of more thoroughly developing their audience and leads.
  • Craft your message so that it is delivered in a timely and relevant manner.


For more info on the GDPR guidelines and other relevant marketing info, check out our blog!


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MarkeThinX CONF | 31 May | Sofia | Digital Marketing Conference

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Sofia will host the first of its kind Marketing Conference with a focus on Digital, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. MarkeThinX CONF 2019 will take place on May 31, 2019, Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 in New York City Hall located in the iconic skyscraper, Capital Fort.

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