7 Content Marketing Steps for Sales Growth

7 Content Marketing Steps for Sales Growth


Creating effective content marketing and choosing the right media can be difficult.

Check out the 7 steps that will make your brainstorming sessions and content reach more effective !

Here they are:


1. Brainstorming


Remember, it’s important to have a consistent mission statement with supporting values.


2. Background Research


When gathering and consuming content ideas, it’s good not to limit yourself to the places in which you gather your content. Consuming and viewing a wide variety of content can help you develop an understanding of what can be effective.

3. Staying Organized


Once you’re ready to brainstorm with your team, it’s good to use sticky notes and whiteboards. Visual aids are good ways to collect different ideas.


4. Choosing Your Medium


It’s important to choose the most appropriate medium for your chosen platforms. Blogging is a top choice as it’s quick, easy, and effective to create and share a blog post. Infographics are a good choice if your topic has a lot of visuals and is good for creating backlinks. Lastly, if you have the resources, a gated eBook is a great way to share information while creating conversions.


5. Creating the Design & Look


Remember to add some whitespace to keep your page clear of distractions and to help create a clean look.


6. Tracking Your Content


Once you’ve posted your content, it’s important to monitor its progress. Tools like BuzzSumo allow you to see which of your content is performing best.


7. Follow Up


When you’ve pinpointed your most effective content, it’s good to republish that content on other sites in an effort to continue to build a greater reach and gain backlinks.



Remember, each situation and campaign is different, therefore it’s important to brainstorm and figure out which form of content makes the most sense for your goals and needs. It’s good to keep track and assess the effectiveness of your content and make changes when necessary.



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