Have you ever wondered how big companies plan and create their marketing content?

Today, I will show you why a brand such as Doritos is more successful than other brands in the same industry. You will discover how user-generated content could play the role of a huge engagement booster. And how listening to your audience can bring your brand a number of benefits.

As an illustration, I`ll analyze Doritos` marketing strategy using the AIDA model which stands for Awareness / Interest / Desire / Action. I`ll show you how the brand applies its strategy through the different stages of the model.

In fact, ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ campaign launched by Doritos was perhaps their most successful marketing campaign as it reached millions of people. But how did they do that?

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For this purpose, Doritos makes something really simple and completely free. The brand asks its users to submit their own interpretation of what the products and the brand mean to them in a 30-second video. Ten ads make it to the final where the fans have the chance to vote for their winner in the social channels where usually an incredible reward awaits. For instance, the 2015 winner got a job at Universal Studios, $1 million dollars and his commercial shown during the Super Bowl.

In other words, Doritos gets a unique look over their customers` language, preferences, personalities, pain points, wants and needs.




Indeed, Doritos has increased its popularity through the social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Website) generating thousands of likes, comments and shares. The brand managed to attract millions of people through such a simple campaign.




Do you know how Doritos encourage its fans to start researching further? Simply, by offering them the above-mentioned benefits. It`s quite easy, isn`t it? And the outcome of this strategy is marvellous. This co-creation content strategy has really worked for the brand creating brand value and positive reputation for them.



In fact, the brand uses customer-generated content marketing which is totally organic. Rather than paying to an agency, Doritos chose their fans as a source of advertising. The brand doesn`t just create the next boring ad. It uses their customers building an emotional connection with them and making this challenge personal. This is the phase where the fans move from ‘I like it’ to ‘I want it’.



During this last stage, users are actively engaging with the brand. They are involved in promoting Doritos by sharing their videos on YouTube and the other Social Media channels.


The lifecycle of their video campaign continues before and after the event. Doritos builds a relationship in a communicative human way. Thus, they build trust and loyalty in their customers, which are 2 very must have goals in your digital marketing strategy.

So, by using a diversity of social media channels and user-generated content, Doritos managed to create a community of followers building a strong relationship with them. In their Inbound Marketing strategy, the brand shows that the customers are highly valuable for them.

How do you build relations with the clients in your business?



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