Nowadays businesses, organizations and instructions of every kind need to stay up to day with all the website development trends in order to be able to communicate effectively, to engage, and to build relationships with their audiences.

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A major issue with old website design is that there are too many elements going on at the same time at the same screen.

That leads to one thing – chaos in the brain of the website visitor caused by too many choices of information available and tons of content he is not ready to consume yet.

From implementing ads to pop-ups asking the user to accept cookies, sign up for an email newsletter, or even to display yet another promotion or offer, the verdict from users is clear:

Less is more and the proof is in how much more efficient minimalist websites are at achieving marketing end goals. Whether it is to sell a product or complete a sign-up process, less is more when it comes to website design in 2021.

Emotions and Engagement

Websites not only need to deliver information, but they also need to add value to a user’s experience while they browse it.

Websites are digital assets that need to engage on a number of points with your website visitors.

One of the most important elements of storytelling, UX, UI and the effective marketing funnel is to get an emotional response from your audience and, in this vein, website development trends are beginning to emphasize customization and niche appeal in order to fulfill this extremely important need.

Marketing and Sales

Web products, digital assets and website are often made with one single goal – to monetize the traffic that reach them.

Websites are not only portals where information can be found but they are also increasingly frontline “sales representatives”, “consultants” and even “customer service agents” for their respective brands.

To fulfill this need businesses need to apply certain tools and mechanisms while building their websites. When it comes to e-commerce website for example and online shops there is a certain set of marketing and sales tools that needs to be implemented in the website in order to create the best experience for the customer. There are many cloud-based technologies which are offering various scalable solutions for different types of websites.


SEO is still as important as ever but it is also broader than let’s say 10 years ago. What SEO was in back in 2010 is not what SEO is in 2021.

Not only do your blog posts (if you don’t have one you should consider that as soon as possible) need to be SEO optimized as well as any other text, but also your images, videos, digital assets and other website elements.

It is also important to cross-link and do SEO for other digital assets that are indirectly associated to your website too.

Visual search (along with video and voice) is also becoming one of the fastest-growing ways that users find information on the web and that means that websites with proper image SEO will win out over those that don’t even bother or that have a poor effort in this area.

Your website needs to have the right SEO infrastructure when once build and also to have the monthly SEO activities that will rank it higher within a certain portfolio of key words.



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