Temelko Dechev CEO of ExpandX Web & Digital with detailed comment on the trends and forecasts of the digital and web services as well as with information on the award ExpandX received as being ranked among the Top 1000 Global B2B Web Development and Digital Marketing Companies for 2022 by USA rating agency Clutch

  • Which are the 2023 trends and forecasts of the digital and web services landscape

  • What are the major differences and client specifications between the markets in America and EU

  • ExpandX ranked among the Top 1000 Global B2B Web Development and Digital Marketing Companies for 2022 by USA rating agency Clutch

Digital marketing services trends

In the digital marketing domain we tend to see an ever increasing growth in the usage of video content over text for almost all social media marketing activities as well as for the paid campaigns we run for clients in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google. We recommend businesses to include short ads in their campaigns as well as in their content mix, but also to integrate video introduction formats to their website as part of web design trends 2023.

Even better and more effective would be for them to allocate resources and to create more short video ads every month/quarter and post them on their social media channels as per the content strategy in place. Short video ads have much greater engagement levels and keep ROI and KPIs at optimal levels. They also help to entice users and have a higher retention rate. When done correctly and professionally, they are impactful and leave a lasting impression. Something every business would need and want to have in order to stay ahead of competitors.

Website development and web design trends

As we speak of the digital marketing efforts, strategies and trends it is inevitable to touch the topic of the digital products all those campaigns and content lead to – the website of the business, a web service page or a landing page (of a product or service).  Major trends continue to confirm the usage of smartphones and other types of mobile devices when users are browsing websites. Almost 70% of consumers indicated that page speed impacts their decision to purchase from an online seller for example. In other words, businesses should not ignore their site’s speed and most importantly should not only analyze it via the desktop version of the website, while the mobile or the tablet ones are much more relevant. That’s where accelerated mobile pages come into the picture.

First launched by Google in 2015, the accelerated mobile page (AMP) provides mobile users with lightning-fast digital experiences. In addition to offering seamless user experiences and decreasing bounce rates, Google’s AMP  may improve core business metrics. These metrics could even be as important as the number of conversions on web pages.

As we look ahead to 2023, here are some web design trends as well that will help inform and inspire designers and marketers building for the web. Mimnimalism continues to dominate most of the optimal web design direction but other new trends also mix with that and diverge into new modern approaches adopted by businesses.

One example of that are the Illustrations with dimensionality images. With the rise of the metaverse, illustrations that mimic the virtual world are coming into fashion in website as well — with 3D illustrations and Claymorphism leading the way. While 3D illustrations has been a trend in previous years, it was more exclusively an illustration style. Current sites are beginning to add dimensionality in a more immersive way, pulling users into cyberspace by adding animations, full-page effects, and multi-layered illustrations. In 2023, we expect to see a resurgence in the popularity of 3D illustrations in web design. With flat illustration styles dominating trends in recent years, 3D design has become a way for projects and sites to stand out from the crowd.

ExpandX ranked among the Top 1000 Global B2B Web Development and Digital Marketing Companies for 2022

We are also proud to share the exciting news that we have been awarded to be among the Top 1000 Global B2B Companies for 2022 by USA rating agency Clutch. It is since the foundation of ExpandX that we provide world-class web and digital services, exceptional value and unmatched customer service to our clients in Europe, North America and Middle East. Our one and only source of inspiration are the results-driven web development solutions, digital products and digital marketing services we always aim at. Our mission is and always remains to grow alongside our clients and partners focusing on their digital transformation and business growth.

Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers, released its exclusive list of the top 1000 global service providers in 2022. The list represents only the top 1% of companies on the platform across the world. Read more details in our article

ExpandX among Top 1000 Global B2B Companies in 2022 ranking by USA rating agency Clutch 

While we at ExpandX stay humble and thankful wee would like to take this opportunity to thank out clients, and of course to our outstanding team! You can learn more about our services here or read our blog with our most recent articles dedicated to digital business, e-commerce, marketing, web development and other trends of the online businesses.


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