Earlier this month, the Managing Partner of ExpandX Marketing and Web participated as a speaker at Mind Business School by OSM International Group. He delivered a “Customer Experience journey” training to the entrepreneurs, business owners and managers who attended the seminar.

During his presentation, Temelko Dechev, CEO of ExpandX and a seasoned entrepreneur, delivered an informative training session that provided practical insights and real-life examples, focusing on the significance of Customer Experience and the Customer Journey. The audience, comprising business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, and C-level executives, actively participated by posing tailored questions related to their specific business dilemmas. Participants benefited from exclusive guidance on market expansion and commercial development, reinforced by tangible business instances, including the success narrative of ExpandX and the notable achievements attained for clients across North America, Europe, and the Middle East over recent years. The session concluded with a question-and-answer segment, during which select attendees engaged in hands-on discussions.

Temelko Dechev, CEO of ExpandX – Speaker at Mind Business School by OSM International Group 

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all activities undertaken by a business or organization to prioritize customer satisfaction, managing their interactions and fulfilling their requirements. The various inquiries raised touch upon facets of customer experience. The four key components integral to CX are brand, product, price, and service. A customer journey delineates the entirety of a customer’s experience, surpassing mere satisfaction at individual transactions or touchpoints. These journeys encompass activities occurring before, during, and after a customer engages with a particular product or service. Examples of customer journeys encompass welcoming a new customer, resolving technical issues, or upgrading a product.

Focusing on complete customer journeys rather than isolated touchpoints can yield more robust business outcomes. Research by McKinsey revealed that customer contentment with health insurance increases by 73 percent when the entire journey is seamless, compared to scenarios where only touchpoints excel. In the realm of hospitality, patrons of hotels that excel throughout the customer journey are 61 percent more inclined to recommend these establishments compared to hotels emphasizing only touchpoints.

Temelko Dechev, CEO of ExpandX – Speaker at Mind Business School by OSM International Group 

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“We are also seeing some increase in our traffic levels, time spent on the website, and other important metrics.”

Frederico Mancini | Owner & CEO, The Sailing Nation Ltd | Madrid, Spain

“Their ability to quickly understand our needs was impressive.”

CEO, Elderly Companion Care Provider | Vienna, Austria

“Their vast expertise, professionalism, communication, flexibility, and understanding of our vision are impressive.”

Anelia Kostadinova | General Manager, COMPUTER 2000 | Sofia, Bulgaria

“It’s a complete package that can really assist or help all your needs, especially in digital marketing.”

Ali Javan, Owner | IT Services Company | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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