5 “Purple Cow” TIPS for Your Marketing

5 “Purple Cow” TIPS for Your Marketing

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Today, in the spotlight we have the book “Purple Cow” by the marketing guru Seth Godin. Maybe some of you have read it or maybe not?

In a world full of brown cows, a purple one would for sure stand out, right? You would want to get a closer look of it, touch it, smell it and most probably take a selfie with it!?

I am sharing with you the 5 highlights from the book that stuck in my head and gave me some great food for thought.

Here they are:


TIP 1: The New “P”


Well, we’ve all heard of or studied about the 4 Ps of marketing, right? We all have our favorite one, but Godin introduces us to a new exceptionally important “P” and that’s the Purple Cow. It stands for remarkable. The book is a great source of inspiration answering the WHYs, WHATs and HOWs of being remarkable in your marketing- something worth noticing, new, interesting, innovative and the list goes on.


TIP 2: The New Rule of Marketing


That is Create Remarkable Products That The Right People Seek Out —  as simple as that. Create an awesome product, company, and service that speaks for itself and that creates value, the right people will follow!


TIP 3: The Opposite of “REMARKABLE”


Maybe you thought the same as me? Bad!? Ordinary!? According to Godin it is “very good” and the problem is, a lot of people think that being very good in something is enough to stand out and be different among the masses. But in fact, what you just need is to be a Purple Cow in order to be a step ahead of your competitors.

Are you making “very good” stuff?



TIP 4: Following the Leader


The reason it is so hard to follow the leader is he did something remarkable. And that remarkable thing is now taken — it’s no longer remarkable when you do it. How can you be the leader and be the first one to market? By being remarkable.


TIP 5: Not All Customers Are The Same


In other words differentiate your customers, find that group of customers that would be most profitable to your business even if they are only 10 or 15 % of the total numbers, they most probably are the ones delivering the highest value. Delight them, engage them or surprise them–that’s how sneezers are born as Godin likes to call them.

The book is a great mixture of personal observations and experience presented with style and coupled by the inspiring stories of companies like Starbucks, JetBlue, Apple, IKEA and Yahoo!, leaving readers to rethink what their marketing is really saying about their product.



In today’s dynamic digital world everything changes by the minute. In Purple Cow, Seth Godin encourages you to put a Purple Cow into everything you build, and everything you do, to create something truly remarkable.

So, the bottom line and my advice would be don’t make things by the book but rather Be first. Be bold. Be different.

Buy the book here : https://www.amazon.com/Purple-Cow-New-Transform-Remarkable/dp/1591843170


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