4 Key Video Marketing Elements to Use

4 Key Video Marketing Elements to Use


Did you know that video is the most engaging form of content in digital platforms and networks?

That’s why we decided to invite a special guest in our Webinars series. Nikolay Nikolov from Nikolov Creative, with whom we are working on interesting joint projects, to discuss and answer your questions regarding the topic Video Marketing. He is a specialist in video and photography, and together with Darina, they have been able to synthesize and give many valuable and useful tips on creating quality video content in a marketing context.

If you often ask the questions:

  • Why Video Content Is Important In Business?
  • What are the key elements of what must necessarily be present in a single video?
  • How to use the video as part of your digital marketing strategy?
  • As well as, get valuable tips on creating and processing video content for different platforms?
  • And much more

Well, you are in the right place!

See the most important tips we shared in our Webinar.







This is one of the main and most important elements in creating a video nowadays – the story and the message we want to convey through the video content.

Storytelling or telling stories is a content that naturally intertwines a story that affects emotionally your audience and your business. The main purpose here is to engage and gain the audience’s attention and create an emotional and memorable relationship with potential customers for your business.




Your brand is your business identity. That’s why it’s very important that the message you pass through your brand will be consistent for the various marketing platforms and channels your business is present in.

Therefore, when filming a video, there are important elements that you shouldn’t miss – logo, colors, fonts, voice, values, words, etc. Each element influences the other, complementing a whole brand identity and visually telling the story and message we want to convey to our audience.


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 If you’re just starting out and just started shooting and creating a video, content re-purposing is a good way to use the same video content. With the right processing, the video can be adapted to the different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others, as each one has technical specifications on format and duration, as well as audience’s perception.

For example, it’s important the video on Facebook to be vertical and lasting no more than 60 seconds, while YouTube loves good content lasting about 12 minutes, as well as, videos that are horizontally shot.




Google loves video content. Therefore, using a video in your marketing strategy will serve not only to engage the audience and generate traffic to the desired goal but also increase the chances of your business as a first page in the search engines. To optimize video content add an adequate title, tags, description and last but not least subtitles.

Therefore, video content is such an important part of an online marketing strategy. That is why we also advise our customers about the importance of video marketing as an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of their business. Creating videos related to the field of your business will not only establish you as a specialist in a particular field but will also help a large number of your potential customers discover and choose you and your business more easily and informed.

And in case you missed our Webinar, be sure to catch up and find more useful tips related to video marketing! 🙂



In conclusion, in our agency, we always recommend to our clients, regardless of what channels and tools they use in their digital strategy, to always follow the fundamental rules, steps, and strategies that are part of the marketing mix and marketing as a whole. And of course, above all, strive to create and deliver messages, emotions, and feelings that will not only create a strong brand and added value for the client but will also make the magic called digital marketing successful and profitable for your business!


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