Ultimate Social Media Marketing Posting Plan



Use this tool to assess your full business activities and the alignment between the Sales and Marketing strategies or departments in YOUR Business.

How this product helps your business:

Your Problem

  • Often Sales are not informed about all Marketing strategies, promotions or special T&C.
  • Often Marketing specialists or departments do not know what are the Sales Executives facing on the front lines.
  • You may not convert new clients and expand business because of gaps between Sales & Marketing activities?

Our Solution

We created the Sales & Marketing Alignment Tool that can solve all that and answer all the relevant questions. It can also be used to identify the gaps in alignment between the sales and marketing departments in your business. This prescriptive self-assessment tool assesses the following alignment areas: organizational relationships, metrics & value-measurement, lead generation & pipeline management, culture, systems & technology, messaging & materials.

Key Benefits of this Marketing Tool

  • sophisticated analysis of the business
  • improvement of your product/services USPs
  • graphs market positions and differentiation chart
  • click away visual data for easy decision making
  • assesses relationship between sales & marketing
  • identifies gaps between the 2 departments & activities
  • offers recommendations for business improvement
  • easy-to-use Excel format
  • save 10 hours on formatting, project planing and editing
  • click away visual data

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