GDPR Guidelines eBook for Online Shops (5 Easy Steps)



GET NOW Our detailed and easy-to-understand GDPR Handbook for Online Shops in 5 Easy Steps, the main purpose of which is to help YOU and YOUR Business (online shop or other e-commerce platform) in navigating in a complex and dynamic business environment:


What you get:


1. Step by step explanations and strategies on How to Verify that the use of personal data is permitted by the Regulation.
2. Step by step explanations and strategies on How to Take care of data security measures.
3. Step by step explanations and strategies on How to Create the minimum documents required to comply with the GDPR.
4. Step by step explanations and strategies on The DPO role – how to select one and what to manage in that process
5. Methodology on how to Train your employees to the right responses to clients’ requests.
6. One singe GDPR Guideline (step by step) that covers all fundamental and most important GDPR rules your business need to comply with
7. Unique GDPR Approach precisely developed for your online shop or other e-commerce platform

What if my business does not comply with GDPR?


You will be able to run a self analysis and understand this as well and will be able to detect what are the potential consequences in terms of monetary sanctions and reputation damages. Most importantly you will be able to take immediate measure and strategies to cover the topics needed in order to comply with GDPR and run your business properly.

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GET NOW our GDPR Guidelines Book for Online Shops Here.