Competitive Product/Service Positioning Map – Marketing Tools



Use this tool to document key buying criteria for each of your market segments, products or services, analyse & rate your competitors, and develop a product/service positioning map.

How this product helps your business:

Your Problem

In order to successfully compete in today’s business world, it is important to be aware of the competition your company may have. There is a need to analyse competitors and to identify areas of expertise and differentiation through a competitive analysis template.

Our Solution

A competitive analysis template designed to help you determine your market position with regards to value, price and market share. This tool allows you to define and determine the core value drivers for your customers, and allows you to highlight specific features. Once you have selected and defined your value drivers, score your product/service against your competitors and use the competitive analysis template to identify and analyse your position in the market.

Key Benefits of this Marketing Tool

  • sophisticated analysis of the value propositions
  • rates relative pricing for competitors
  • improvement of your product/services USPs
  • documents estimated market share
  • save 10 hours on formatting, project planing and editing
  • graphs market positions and differentiation chart
  • click away visual data for easy decision making

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