In the dynamic business environment we live in today, platforms such as GoogleFacebookLinkedIn, and others give us the great opportunity to advertise our business in an easy and quick way in order to get the most out of people who are most likely to have interest in what we offer.

Today, we will focus on Google advertising, where there are many ways to specifically target ads, regardless of the type of business you have and manage.

Here are the other 8 Steps (if you missed the first 7 Steps, you can catch up very quickly here) to launch yourGoogle Ads campaign in order to generate more sales and business growth.





Ad extensions are very important, and I would say mandatory for the success of your campaign, that will increase the frequency of your ad clicks. Here, of course, add business-friendly extensions to your business. Among them are address, phone number, site links, service descriptions/products, prices, and more.


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When creating your campaign, you have the option to pre-select and create ad schedule with the days and hours in which you want your ads to be active and displayed or select the start and end date (period) for your campaign to be active. This will not only optimize the budget but also the overall performance of the ad campaign.

On the other hand, the advice here is that if you are just starting with a new product or service ad, and you are in a test period where you are still studying your audience, it is advisable not to limit the campaign to a certain schedule by days and hours. It is best to be active for a longer period of time and for a broader audience while keeping track and analyzing the results throughout the entire period. Once you have statistics for a specific marketing campaign, then you can set a specific schedule with certain hours and days in which your ads are active.



A marketing strategy or, in other words, this is the plan designed to achieve the core business and marketing goals and the tools for achieving them.

The main idea of ​​the marketing strategy is to put ourselves in the shoes of the people we want to reach. Moreover, to analyze each stage of the buyer’s journey, so that we will engage him the most, so that he asks for more information and eventually lead us, as a business, to the ultimate goal we have set – sales, traffic, lead generation or other.

For a marketing campaign (1 month) or a complete strategy (6-12 months) to be successful, the most important thing is to start with a solid, clear and concrete foundation.

Here, it is important to determine the overall marketing goal of your campaign(s), build your Buyer Personas accounts and overall marketing funnel management. If all these elements are built, applied, managed, analyzed and developed properly, they will bring the desired results. Setting a timeframe for realizing and measuring results is also very important.



Brand identity is absolutely critical to a business. It’s the overall impact it makes on it and its customers. Branding is all about awareness, recognition, trust and it can change how people perceive your brand.

So when you create ads, always adhere to your brand identity to corporate colors, logos, fonts, and emotions you create. This will surely stand out in the minds and thoughts of your customers when they hear about your business.

If you want to find out more about brand strategy in business, read our article on the topic.



Speaking from experience, the Ad copy and image are the first steps in succeeding when launching an online ad. These are the things that will set you aside from the millions of campaigns out there. So, the Ad copy is responsible for attracting just the right people for your business (as well as the right technical targeting). On the other hand, the Images you choose for your ads need to grab the attention of your potential customer and make them want to click on your ad.

Here, it is advisable to put a few different ad texts or images within one ad group and track and analyze which ones are the most engaging with the users and convert more successfully for your business goals.


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The landing page is the final destination to which you take the users from the ad, and on which the overall performance of your campaign depends on to a large extent.

This page may be on your website or it may be a separate landing page where the user can get more detailed information about a specific product or service. So when optimizing your landing pages, don’t forget to optimize your information, emotional images, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), CTA (call-to-action) to help you get the most out of your reach.


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If you thought that setting up your campaign according to the steps described above is enough and that it would magically lead to the results you want, I have bad news – that’s not enough!

Once you create your Google Ads campaign, it is necessary to monitor it on a daily basis and analyze the results at least once a week. The elements to analyze, track and edit as needed are ad texts, images, ad extensions, campaign results statistics, Google Analytics results, and whether they are attractive enough to generate clicks on your ad. Last but not least, we put the optimization of the keywords according to which are the most relevant to your business and the products/services you offer.



Google Analytics is a very good tool that can easily analyze your users’ behavior. It will help you track how your website traffic is generated, what is the number of pages viewed, the devices that are used by users, location, and more. Therefore, it is important to link your accounts to Google Ads and Analytics to track and optimize the performance of the campaigns you create based on this valuable information and data.


In conclusion, I would say that it is important to know the technical part of how to create and advertise your business through Google and all other digital marketing platforms and channels, but that is not enough to make your business successful and profitable. In our agency, we always recommend to our clients, regardless of what channels and tools they use in their digital strategy, always to follow the fundamental rules, steps, and strategies that are part of the marketing mix and marketing as a whole.

And of course, above all, strive to create and deliver messages, emotions, and feelings that will not only create a strong brand, added value for the client, but will also make the magic called digital marketing successful and profitable for your business!

Do you use Google Ads to increase your sales?

Share your experience and ideas in the comments below!  🙂





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