On 17 and 18 November, the Managing Partner of ExpandX, Temelko Dechev, participated in this year’s edition of Innowave Summit, as a moderator of “The Future of Tech Industry” panel discussion with a main focus on the current and upcoming trends related to AI, Education, Digital Transformation, Employment and HR, Market Adjustments, CSR and other relevant topics.

The tech forum took place in the Palace of Culture and Sport in Varna, Bulgaria, and brought together world-renowned experts in various fields of the Tech Industry, such as E-commerce, Web and Software Services, AI, Fintech, Consumer Electronics and more. The summit provided thousands of attendees with the opportunity to exchange ideas, expand their professional networks, and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the world of technology, sales, business development and marketing.


Speakers at the forum were tech veterans and industry experts from companies like Google, Microsoft, SAP, META, McKinsey and more. The organizers reported that some 5000+ participants joined the forum during the two days of the event.

The panel discussion, moderated by Temelko Dechev, united thought leaders and established experts in the fields of IT, Entrepreneurship, Banking, Finance, Investing, Tech Innovations, and NGO sectors, including the Managing Director at SAP Bulgaria, Mr. Zdravko Peshakov, the General Manager at KBC Global Services, Mr. Todor Petkov, Mr. Marius Ghenea from 3TS Capital, Managing Partner at Catalyst Romania, Mr. Andrew Wrobel, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Emerging Founders, Mr. Dobroslav Dimitrov, Chairman at BASSCOM, Chairman at BRAIT, and Co-founder of Imperia Online, and Mr. Todor Breshkov, Founding Partner at LAUNCHub Ventures.

Some of the key takeaways and conclusions from the panel discussion are:

  • The upcoming changes ahead of us in terms of AI implementation would be difficult at first but will later on with the years to be adjusted to the societies, businesses, and people in general, the same way other types of disrupting factors had been adjusted national and global economies in previous decades or centuries.
  • The best way to adapt swiftly in such a fast-paced and dynamic business/tech environment is by perceiving the changes as opportunities, not as threats – this advice can be applied to both employees and businesses. This approach could be a successful coping strategy for those who may initially fall victim to the rapid change and evolvement of AI implementations in any kind of market industry.
  • AI was given as an example of an accelerator for those willing to switch to, learn, and start working in completely new industries or types of jobs. Here AI is considered as a great opportunity, rather than a threat which is the widely accepted narrative lately.
  • Businesses, institutions, governments, and NGOs should be united as never before in order to be able to work together and harmonize with mutual actions the smooth transitions and effective development in terms of market shifts, employment regulations, and industry growth.


The Managing Partner of ExpandX, Temelko Dechev, also gave an extensive interview to the National Radio Station which deep-dived on the topics of AI and Digital Transformation, and how those are implemented in the Web, Digital and Marketing services we deliver for our international clients.

The Innowave Summit’s organizers share that their vision is “to unite the digital leaders of Europe and boost the innovation of local and national ecosystems”. We will use this opportunity to congratulate them once again on this ambitious initiative and the summit’s valuable impact on both individuals and the European tech industry as a whole.

If you are interested in learning more about the Innowave Summit, you can visit the event’s official website here.


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