It is super important to determine the right mix of activities on organic content, SEO and paid digital ads

Organic marketing activities are essential when a business is building up on the whole set of marketing activities mix. This is a long-term strategy that includes various aspects of content marketing and digital assets creation that will at a later stage turns out to be the fundamental pillars of your marketing.

Depending on the stage of your brand and business development as well as considering the audience you service key messages to there is of course the strategic aspect of running paid digital ads campaigns. How those are executed depends on a lot of factors. Some of the most used platforms are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram ads, and others.

The most important factors while and if working on activities on those two (organic and paid) activities is to synchronize in fine synergy the whole marketing message, the 4Ps, the business goals, the marketing goals, your digital assets, website, landing pages, audiences, buyer persona, geo-targeting, remarketing, retargientg and other key elements which are as already said part of both marketing activities.

In June 2020, eMarketer reported that 69.6 percent of U.S. respondents used social media to complete their purchases online. So no matter if organic or paid, your marketing efforts can not neglect that communication channels.

Research from Crowdtap also showed that almost half (46 percent) of social media users are now using social networks before or during shopping. Hence based on the social platform/s your business performs well, once you also run an analysis on the organic marketing activities you can enhance those with better performance, and drive more valuable traffic with the right strategy for paid digital ads.

Video content can reach best engagement and ROI levels

People love videos. Videos are now (easily) accessible from kind of device from anywhere in the world. 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices. Data by Statista, 2018. People prefer to search, find and consume information via videos than reading long and sophisticated articles.

So here comes the question of how to utilize it in the best way possible all this for your business? Well, there are many ways and it really depends on the business goals, marketing stage of product ot services development, audiences, type of the video ads or video production, etc.

According to the Wyzowl report for example, videos on the landing pages can increase conversions up to 80%. Google also encourages video content and more likely to show your website on search results, if you have a video embedded on your site according to Moovly stats.

And most importantly, end-consumers (B2C) are constantly on mobile and consume video content. While Youtube reports how video consumption doubles each year, now it is time to present your product/service/brand in appealing video ads and also stay engaged with your audiences via this ever-growing communication channel.

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is super important, super useful, and often neglected in marketing strategies. Visual storytelling in other words is saying a lot through visuals, graphics, images, visual content and even animations infographics.

Marketers often use visual storytelling to keep engagement levels at premium levels and work on the optimization of marketing or sales funnels.

Photographs, visuals, maps, and data… These are tools used in effective visual storytelling. MIT researchers state that the human brain is capable of processing an image in 13 milliseconds.

Visuals (in videos too) grab the attention of the reader, increases readability, and creates a connection right away. So, users become more open to navigate to a different link/page or product detail. The application of visual storytelling can be found in the whole landscape of marketing activities.

Being clear, consistent, and aligned with your brand

While all of these approaches and trends we outlined in our articles are crucial to utilizing effective marketing campaigns and bring you the best out of digital marketing in hard times like the current global pandemic, all of them work most effectively if aligned with your brand identity, corporate culture, value proposition, unique selling points and key marketing messages.

As a business, you should first know the mediums that your audience is present at, the resources they use, understand their expectations and what is important for them.

Then carry out extensive market research and based on that data received you can then build on your marketing strategy and set of marketing activities.

You need to find which social media platform, content strategy, and marketing tools work best for your business. Because each brand/company/product is a niche on its own, and the executives should carefully curate the possible methods and solutions.



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