What Happened in the Digital Marketing Space in the Times of the Coronavirus Pandemic?


Digital marketing’s importance as part of an overall strategy for companies cannot be denied, especially in the age of COVID-19.

While the coronavirus is challenging business norms and placing new pressures on many companies, some of the issues emerging are nothing new or novel.

What is most interesting about the outbreak are the industries that are straining under the weight of demand and those that are utterly sucking air.

Grocery stores and general retail are flourishing while luxury goods and vacations are suffering immensely.

It isn’t expected that this will continue but, the question remains, and that is how do companies position themselves to partake in the upswing in business that is likely to come?

What kind of digital marketing strategy should firms look to as an inspiration?

One emerging trend that is coming into clearer relief is the fact that consumers are pursuing a varied mix of online and brick-and-mortar shopping. The uptick in digital sales is beginning to mirror the pre-holiday sales traffic online.

Here are some useful guidelines on how to make the most of the current situation:


Marketers have to be able to move from trend to trend and capitalize on them at a moment’s notice. This means responding to customer needs as they shift and frequent monitoring of their activity on certain digital platforms. In other words, look for the most recent trends in the digital marketing space. One suggestion from us is to explore the potential of the Video Marketing tools.



Digital marketing in the post-COVID-19 era needs to connect with customers on a personal level. How this is achieved will obviously differ from industry to industry but the message is clear: People want a brand and experience that speaks to them on multiple levels. Crafting this kind of marketing message requires more nuance and intuition – as well as a little bit of analytical research – than the traditional method of coming up with blanket campaigns.



Along with connecting empathetically, there is also the desire for personalized communication and bespoke experiences. As it stands now, the digital shopping experience for customers can be varied – even jarring – at certain points. By providing a personalized experience, companies not only decrease the likelihood of complaints and returns but also incentivize repeat business.


Along with paying attention to analytics and SEO, marketers need to move away from set spend amounts on advertising and, instead, take an optimized approach that rewards the winners and cuts off the losers. Prior to the advent of digital marketing, your ad spend was that and, if the effort bore no fruit, too bad.


Beyond that, firms were lucky to find out what went wrong or why a campaign didn’t work. Now we have that information immediately and the data is actionable. Beyond rewarding the winners and punishing the losing campaigns, businesses can also iterate more quickly on successful campaigns and deploy them with a speed that was impossible before.


We encourage you to use the market circumstances as an opportunity. Time not us, have proven that difficulties have always made business and people more creative, efficient in their daily lives and focused on the important. That is why we have developed and launched a special RESTART Package offering Free services to business. You can check it out here.



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