Google recently announced the launch of ‘side rail ads,’ a new ad format for AdSense that sticks to the sides of pages as users scroll.

So that was the official mail from the AdSense Team, people who are using Auto Ads and have enabled Side Rails option in there might see an increase in their Auto Ads revenue over the course of next few months in case they have a high percentage of desktop traffic. Time will tell whether this format further benefits users or is just another superfluous update.

What Are Side Rail Ads?

Side rail ads are essentially sticky ads that appear on the sides of the pages as opposed to the bottom or top of the pages. Like sticky ads, side rail ads stick to the screen as a user scrolls.

However, unlike sticky ads, side rail ads only appear on widescreen devices like desktops. And even then, they only appear if there is a wide enough margin on the sides of the page.

How to Enable/Disable Side Rail Ads on AdSense

According to Google’s announcement, “If you already have anchor ads turned on, side rails will automatically start to appear on your site after December 13, 2022.”

If you prefer not to show side rails, you can turn off the option in your “Auto ads” settings.

ExpandX Google Ads Said Rail Ads

Finding new customers for your business

Because side rail ads take up ample room on the page and stick to the page as users scroll, their viewability rates are very high.

When ad viewability is high, it means that users have a larger chance to be exposed to and interact with an advertisement. Advertisers spend more on ad units with higher viewability rates because this increased exposure increases the probability of success for their campaigns.

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