ExpandX Marketing & Web Earns a Feature in Newest B2B Site Top Design Firms

We at ExpandX Marketing are constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the digital world. This year has us on the edge of our seats as a new player enters the B2B market research scene — with us taking part in its inauguration!

Top Design Firms (TDF) — created by the people behind the B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch — features top companies that specialize in development, design, and marketing. Its goal is to connect companies and individuals from all around the world with the right service providers.

As an agency geared towards growth and the expansion of one’s network, this initiative certainly has us excited! For years, we ourselves have made an impact on the businesses we engage with. Our expertise in developing and enhancing anyone’s online presence has helped our clients widen their reach and increase their revenue.

By developing well-aligned solutions and crafting engaging content, we’re able to draw in and convert leads for our partners! Our success as a digital marketing firm is evident in our 19 5-star Ratings on Clutch, and through it, TDF has determined our excellence in:

ExpandX Marketing & Web - Clutch Award Design Firm NYC 2021 2

During the last years we have worked on various projects related to website development, digital marketing, web design, e-commerce, video marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, YouTube marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, content marketing, branding and brand awareness, sales strategies, sales automation and more.

Some of the most recent reviews:

“The website we got is great and our clients love it. It is fast, modern, minimalist, easy to navigate and browse, has a great design and content structure.”

— Managing Director, AV Apartments Development Inc.

“We have two smoothly operating, modern, engaging, responsive, easy to manage, and beautiful websites. That is our digital business card we are very happy with.”

— Brand & Marketing Manager, K-Express Ltd.

“They really know what they are doing no matter if it is a marketing or web development-related task.”

— VP Business Development, DCC Furniture Inc.

See all the reviews here

Clutch is an US established B2B review and rating agency based in Washington, DC. It’s a market research firm that publishes credible content relating to the IT, advertising, marketing, production, and financial services industries. Every year, they hold an awards round to commemorate the best service providers from the aforementioned sectors.

The platform is an independent reviews and ratings platform that uses a unique verification system that only allows legitimate information on their website.

This means that all of the reviews that appear on the site are the real thoughts of past clients regarding their experience of working with us. But that alone is not enough to become a Clutch 2021 leader. In order to become a top performer, a company will need to collect multiple five-star ratings

While we stay humble and thankful wee would like to take this opportunity to thank out clients, and of course to our outstanding team! 

We can’t wait to see what else TDF has in store. Starting off on a strong foot, it’s sure to make a ripple on the face of B2B!

You can learn more about our services here or read our blog with our most recent articles dedicated to digital business, e-commerce, marketing, web development and other trends of the online businesses.


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