In October 2023, ExpandX Marketing and Web hosted a Business Strategy master class at the RIU Plaza New York Times Square Hotel in mid-town Manhattan. The event was attended by both seasoned and aspiring New York entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-level executives from various industries, among which international trade, retail, banking, manufacturing, logistics, and others.

The key instructor at the master class was the agency’s Managing Partner Temelko Dechev, who delivered an engaging presentation based on business case studies. The event’s focus was on a number of business growth and sales tactics, digital marketing insights and trends, and web solutions that B2B businesses should apply in their commercial activities.

The master class was informative, content-rich, and engaging, providing attendees with practical insights and actionable strategies that they could implement in their businesses or ventures.

One of the highlights of the event was the extensive Q&A session that followed the master class. Attendees were encouraged to discuss marketing and sales challenges they face in their businesses and brainstorm possible solutions with the instructor and the other participants. This interactive session allowed attendees to network and also learn from each other, making the event a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Temelko Dechev added to his presentation valuable real-life examples on how the strategies discussed have already been helping a number of our clients in North America to expand their market share, grow their commercial activities and stay ahead of their competitors.

Watch a one-minute recap video of the event here:

Seeking the bigger picture in business

The event is another testament to ExpandX Marketing and Web’s commitment to helping B2B businesses grow and succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. Our comprehensive approach to the business cases discussed at the event reflects the way we work with our B2B clients by taking a robust and long-term 360-degree approach tailored to the specific business gaps identified.

Each of our digital marketing services is planned and executed as an integral part of our clients’ general business strategy and business goals. Each web solution and digital service we deliver is well-adjusted to serve the fundamental business goals and needs agreed. To look beyond the technical and IT aspects of the web services we’ve been contracted for is the only way to deliver optimal and long-term results, or to circle back to the master class topic: knowledge in the field of business strategy is key.

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What do our clients say about us?

“The team really listened to our business concerns, understood the project, and delivered great marketing and web products”

Daniel Shaw | Founder & CEO, High Touch Investment Corp. Inc | Asheville, North Carolina, USA

“They showed exceptional professionalism in terms of web services.”

Michael Carter | Director, Naval Cargo Global Inc | Somerset, New Jersey, USA

“The communication and overall marketing results are impressive.”

Bobby Dhillon | Digital Marketing Manager, Assent | Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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We work with clients based in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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