ExpandX Marketing & Web won a regional first place in the prestigious global Agencies of the Year 2022 competition organized by Ad Word Masters.

We are extremely excited to announce another award for the agency’s team. ExpandX Marketing & Web won a regional first place at the Ad World Masters’ “Agencies of the Year 2022” competition. More than 12,000 agencies from 211 countries around the world participated in this year’s edition of the competition.

Ad World Masters conducts the “Agencies of the Year” competition annually. The evaluation is carried out using a state-of-the-art AI algorithm calculating for each agency an Agency Score based on pre-set criteria. The second level of evaluation is carried out by the Ad World Masters’ team, which verifies the results obtained by the AI.

ExpandX scored 9.3 out of 10

For 2022, according to the evaluation ExpandX Marketing & Web received an Agency Score of 9.3/10, ranking us in the “Gold” category.

The unique methodology of Ad World Masters combines the limitless potential of AI algorithms and the traditional analog model of participant evaluation. By including the human factor in the evaluation, Ad World Masters ensure that the potential of all participants will be truly acknowledged, eliminating possible gaps in the data fed to the specialized AI algorithm.

We could proudly say that 2022 was an extremely successful year for our agency. For its projects during this year, ExpandX Marketing & Web has already received two other international awards. At this year’s edition of The Manifest Company Awards, a competition in which agencies from all over the world compete, ExpandX was ranked among the most recommended B2B agencies of 2022. In addition, the agency was also ranked among the top 1000 global B2B companies of 2022 according to the international rating agency Clutch.

 Here are some samples of recent testimonials received from our customers:

“They are very responsive, and communication is effortless. They’re organized, and everything is being delivered on time and within our budget. We use many different service providers, and very rarely do we get such excellent customer service as we do with ExpandX. They give us fantastic value for our money.

  • A Verified Review on Clutch
  • Accounting Firm in London, UK
  • Re: Web Design & Web Development Project

 “Professionalism of very high level, solid expertise and great communication. Those three blend perfectly together and the services are excellent!”

  • A Verified Review on Clutch
  • The Sailing Nation Ltd., Madrid, Spain
  • Re: Web Development Project

“It’s a complete package that can really assist or help all your needs, especially in digital marketing.”

  • A Verified Review on Clutch
  • PBO Secure Ltd., United Arab Emirates
  • Re: Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Video Production

 We sincerely thank our customers for believing in us and for actively supporting us and vouching for the quality of our work through recommendations on such authoritative platforms as Clutch!

Our work. Our clients. Our projects. 

It’s for years ExpandX Marketing & Web provides value to its clients in Europe, North America and the Middle East, through results-driven web development solutions, digital products, and digital marketing services. Our mission is and always remains to grow alongside our clients and partners focusing on their digital transformation and business growth.

We work with clients based in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

We’re not just in Bulgaria! ExpandX also has representatives in London, Vienna, New York, Barcelona and Munich. Connect with us and let us work together to expand your business.

You can learn more about our services here or read our blog with our most recent articles dedicated to digital business, e-commerce, marketing, web development and other trends of the online businesses.


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