With the approach of the end of the year, a year ruled by video content and Instagram “stories” we are coming closer to the year of voice search, AI and more.

Check out the 10 marketing trends of 2019 that will keep your business and marketing ahead of the game.

Here they are:


1. Voice Search


Have you ever talked to Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant? According to experts, by 2020 half of the online traffic would be voice-generated right through the mic of your digital devices.


2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The point of AI isn’t to replace humans or the need for a human touch but to improve and expand our customer relationship management.

3. Link building


SEO will still remain a key instrument in building a successful digital marketing strategy along with quality link building as the main mean for that. However, quality backlinks would have even more influence on SEO, as they are not that easily manipulated.



4. Social media would start losing its influence


One of the main trends in 2019 as a continuation to this year would be the decline in users in some of the most well-known social media platforms. The main reasons for this trend are the hot topics concerning personal data and fake news.

5. Mobile interface


“Мobile first” principle continues to be an important factor in website indexing, but would simply not be enough. That’s why “responsive design” or in other words making your website design adaptable to all types of devices would be a key trend in 2019.

6. Content continues to be the Кing


Content would always play a key role in your digital marketing.
The new trend concerning content building is the so called “copywriting” service – professionally written content in bulk with the sole purpose of increasing brand awareness and improving your search engine results.


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7. Progressive web apps


New type of web apps that is very close to the traditional ones, but based on open online standards such as offline work, push notifications and more.

8. Video optimization


Video platforms are one of the main and easiest ways for engaging the users with your content. As a result, more and more digital marketing companies will specialize in this area in the next few years.

9. Brand awareness


Brand name and influence would for sure be a big trend in 2019. That is why building strong social media presence for your business and brand is so important.

10. New standards for personal data protection


GDPR was simply not enough, so there would be new regulations concerning personal data that many European web platforms will have to comply with because of the international nature of the network.




You’re up to speed … for now. Be sure to slowly start applying those trends to your marketing efforts and remain open to change — you and your business will never fall behind.


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